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What is UniformMe?

Our service creates online uniform shops for schools where families can buy, sell, and donate pre-loved uniform. It's free to parents, easy to use, and available 24/7. Buyers and sellers communicate directly with each other with no input from you or your admin team. This creates a hassle free way for your community to organise their secondhand uniform needs. 


We offer a free six month trial to all new schools. To get started, simply click on the link below and add your school name, contact person name, and contact email. We will create your school page and advise you when it is ready for your parents to use. You can then choose when to tell your community, and we will send you example notices to use in newsletters, etc. There is no obligation to continue once the 6 months is up. Our aim is to be completely hassle free. 

What Does it Cost? 

We charge a small annual subscription based on your school roll. 
$50    Less than 100 students 
$75   100 - 300 students 
$99   300 - 500 students 
$149 500+ students

UniformMe the Best Online Option

There are two key differences between Uniform Me and other online options: 
1. It is free for parents to use - there are no listing fees, no success fees - no fees at all to parents.
2. You get your own school page - we create a dedicated school page where your parents trade their uniform. They don't have to look through ads from every other school. We know that your parents are only interested in uniform items from your school and our service is based entirely on this knowledge.

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