1. What does it cost schools?

    All new schools receive a free 6 month trial. After that we charge a low annual subscription based on the number of students.Under 100 students$50 +gst100 - 300 students$75 +gst300 - 500 students$99 +gstOver 500 students$149 +gst Read more.

  2. What does it cost families?

    There is no cost to buy and sell uniform using our service. No listing fees, no success fees - none! Once your school has joined, you can start trading uniform items immediately. Simple. Read more.

  3. My school isn't listed?

    You can ask them to join, or we will ask for you. Simply send us a message through the contact tab and we will talk to them. Schools are very busy places and can miss opportunities such as UniformMe because there is so much else on. If you decide to approach your school and ask them to consider the service, a good idea is to find out who is in charge of uniform and ask them directly.If you would… Read more.

  4. Why Choose Uniform Me?

    There are two key differences between UniformMe and other online options: 1. It is free for parents to use - there are no listing fees, no success fees - no fees at all to parents.2. You get your own school page - we create a dedicated school page where your parents trade their uniform. They don't have to look through ads from every other school. We know that your parents are only interested in… Read more.

  5. How do we fund raise and/or gain donations?

    There are several ways to use UniformMe to create funds for your school. You can have your uniform team list items to sell. They can register themselves as a group, e.g. "PTA", or "School Uniform Team", and then use the service like anyone else in your community. All they will need is an email account to register with. Several schools do this already.Parents selling uniform simply ask the buyer to… Read more.

  6. What about parents without internet access?

    Once your school is registered, you can list items on behalf of parents. You can also give administrator rights to your uniform shop team so that they can easily list on behalf of parents. There is no additional cost to the school for doing this. Read more.

  7. I've forgotten my password or username.

    For security reasons, we can't access your password. However, if you click the blue parent login button an option shows that says Forgotten Password. Click this, and you will be asked to insert your email address and you will be automatically emailed login details. Once you're in, you can then change the password to something that suits you by going - green admin button - edit profile. Read more.

  8. What Computer Hardware and Software Do I Need?

    You can access UniformMe on any computer or mobile device that has an internet connection and a web browser. Read more.

  9. How Does Uniform Me Work?

    Schools register with our service and start their free 6 month trial. Once registered ( a 2 minute job), we create an online uniform shop for the school. Schools then tell their parent community about the new service and parents start to use it at no cost. The parents create listings for surplus uniform items, look for bargains, or post wanted adverts. They either leave their phone number and/or… Read more.